Monday, 31 August 2015

Public Spools

Hello, and welcome to Public Spools.
You, at the back, shush a minute and stop fiddling with that anemometer.

Public Spools is a kind of municipal mix tape.
Usually, this means 90 minutes that reflects where one person is at; it could be a gammon-handed declaration of love, a high-equine education of genre or the soundtrack to a journey yet to be done.

Public Spools is somewhere in the middle.
Or along the edges.
It is the description of a journey as it is actually happens, a reflection of where many people are at, each personal addition contributing a small piece of the collage.

The noises can be whatever you like.
From found-sounds and field recordings to pre-recorded noises.
Just make it 3 minutes about yourself and where you are.

I've put a notepad in with the recorder, so feel free to draw, write, collage, whatever.

When the tape is full, return to The Geography Trip and I will make a recording of it freely available to all. I might even do a cassette with a little booklet of stuff from the notebook.

Remember: try and not record over the work of the last person or change their notebook entries. Other than that, it's a free play.

I look forward to hearing the sounds of your heads, your homes, your hills and your high streets.

All the very best,
Geography Rob

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